We want to bring back the Pledge for Durham. It was such a success in the past, and it is so important to show our tangible support for our community.

Here’s how it works:

We each agree to spend $100 locally versus a national chain until the end of the year. Whether that’s donating to a local charity versus a national one, the farmer’s market versus the grocery store, or going to the neighborhood record store, book store, gift shop, or coffee shop. It’s easy!  You can do it, and it makes such a difference to our local economy.

Show your love for Durham and its unique character by pledging your dollars today to spend locally.

Sign up on the form, and let us know how you plan to support local. Tell us once you've completed the pledge.

Help spread the word to your friends.

Pledge for Durham

support local.


  1. Marki B
  2. Jayme W
  3. Lauren 
  4. Stephanie B
  5. Tami B - *
  6. Elizabeth W
  7. Gage
  8. Hillary Z
  9. Alice B
  10. LM
  11. John D
  12. Deborah F
  13. Anne W
  14. Deb B
  15. Audra A
  16. Nancy M
  17. Daniel Wilson
  18. Beth R
  19. Deborah D
  20. Kathy K
  21. Annick P
  22. Elaine M
  23. Kristal L
  24. Julie C
  25. Christy B
  26. Mary W
  27. Claire
  28. Kelly H
  29. Chris B
  30. Heather L
  31. Debbie T
  32. ​Treat H
  33. Scott W
  34. Bull City Signs, LLC
  35. Renee L
  36. Leah R
  37. Bonnie H
  38. Mary
  39. Nancy B
  40. Angela V
  41. Brian G
  42. Bobby S
  43. Pat C
  44. Doris-Jean P
  45. KMG
  46. Alison M
  47. Jill T
  48. ​Dena B
  49. Peter G
  50. Tamara
  51. Pascale
  52. Barbara B
  53. Dawn O
  54. Carolyn K